Way Back When ‘Design’ Was a Four-Letter Word to the Average Joe


A nice read over at Red Hat Magazine looking back at the good ol’ days of being a designer in a world who didn’t really know what a designer did and frankly didn’t care. Now that the world has changed, they explain, and people are all hot and bothered by anything with the word “design,” things are wonderful. But it wasn’t always that way. Case in point:

It wasn’t always so. Just a few years after graduating from design school, I found myself working in a small, struggling ad firm. One day when our account person was delivering an invoice to one of our small clients, she was challenged with, “What’s this line item for design? And why am I paying for that?” My friend answered, “Well, that’s for designing the ad. We have to pay the designer.” The client answered, “Give me a pencil, a ruler, and a cup of coffee, and I’m a designer.”