Wave of Mastication

In the LA Alternative Press, two people I’m slightly embarrassed to have idolized in junior high school converse: Pixies frontman Frank Black interviews sci-fi author (and one of the crankiest people in Los Angeles) Ray Bradbury. Most surprising moment is this bit, when the two iconoclasts reveal themselves to have very Old Establishment LA restaurant tastes:

FB: As a writer, I’m sure you’ve had many meetings over the years with people in restaurants. What is your favorite restaurant in Paris, if it’s even still there?

RB: Oh God Almighty, there are so many. First of all, there are 20,000 restaurants in Paris. And I’ve been in most of them. Fouquet’s is on the Champs d’Elysees, it’s a very nice restaurant, and it’s pretty social, and you have the fun of eating good food and watching the Parisian public walk by.

FB: In Los Angeles, my personal favorite is the Pacific Dining Car downtown.

RB: Oh, you just named mine. I go to both, I go to the one on Wilshire out in Santa Monica. It’s just as good.

FB: Yeah, I like the one in Santa Monica as well. I really like the fact that there isn’t any music being piped in and it’s so quiet and sound-absorbent…

Hey, Frank, IF ITS 2 LOUD YOUR 2 OLD.

(I apologize to my readers for the momentary regression.)