Wattpad App Now On Kindle Fire

Despite the competition, Amazon has now allowed the Wattpad eReader app to work on the Kindle Fire. While Kindle Fire users were able to access Wattpad through hacks, now new readers can find Wattpad through the Amazon App Store.

Venture Beat has more: “Before now, Amazon had been hiding competitor’s e-reader apps in the Kindle Fire’s Amazon Appstore. The apps still showed up in the web-based Appstore, but weren’t available for download onto the Fire. Hidden e-reader apps included Wattpad, Kobo, and Bluefire, all competitors of the Kindle.”

A spokesperson for Wattpad commented on the new addition to VentureBeat over email. They wrote: “Over the past couple of weeks we’ve spoken with representatives at the Kindle Fire Store, first over email and then eventually with some phone calls up to the higher levels, convincing them that we’re actually a valuable complementary service.”

Wattpad might make sense because of its active community, but we doubt you’ll see the Kobo or Nook apps in the Amazon App store any time soon.