WatchTV HD Free for iPad: TV From Around the World

There are several apps for the iPhone and iPad that aggregate streaming video from TV stations around the world and wrap it up on a reasonably easy to use graphical shell. Here’s the latest streaming TV app I tried on my iPad.

WatchTV HD Free

As the name implies, the app is free and access to streaming TV video is also free. There is a $2.99 premium version. However, it is not clear from its product page what additional features it provides. It appears to simply provide access to more TV stations.

Using the app is simple: You select a country to focus on and then tap Channels to see which TV stations are available for viewing in the selected country. Some of the channels simply do not stream. However, this is not, in my experience, unusual for this category of apps.

The two unique features of this of this app is that it provides two optional visual overlays.

1. Weather with a graphical icon representing current conditions and temperature in Celsius (no option to display the temperature in Fahrenheit)
2. News headline text in a translucent right sidebar

This lets you watch a TV program while taking a quick look at weather and news.