WATCH: The Muppets Cover David Bowie for Google Plus Commercial

It’s no secret that we at Social Times are big fans of Google Plus’ Hangout feature, with it’s ability to easily have tens of people video chatting and sharing YouTube videos with just a few clicks.  Their latest addition, allowing people to start Hangouts in the comment threads of posts offers an experience I’ve never had before — off-the-cuff topical video chat.

Add to all of this the fact that Google is promoting the heck out of their network, and we may see G+ make some strides in 2012.  For their latest ad, they recruited the Muppets and sourced David Bowie. Pretty cool.

The video shows the Muppets chatting with one another, and playing their music across the Hangout.  I’m not sure how great the audio quality is, but the idea of jamming across a Hangout is a powerful one, and hopefully we’ll see a great one at some point soon.  Although it’d better not include Rainn Wilson’s bare butt!