Watch Some of the Best and Funniest Vines Ever—While You Still Can

Twitter to 'discontinue' the mobile app soon

Vine will be remembered for its short-form video genius. Vine

Twitter announced on Medium earlier today—and not during its earnings call—that it will be "discontinuing" Vine, the mobile app for short-form video. Vine is a platform that hosts six-second clips that permaloop for ultimate enjoyment, and quick-witted, extremely talented creators may or may not lose their body of work.

Vine launched in 2012 and was bought by Twitter later that year. It became a home for comedians, bored teens, sports fans and political activists. And brands took notice.

Vine had a lot to offer, but it got overshadowed when Snapchat and Instagram entered the video scene.

As of now, it's unclear whether Twitter will simply erase the extensive catalog of over 39 million videos or if the platform will simply become a graveyard for inside jokes of yore.

Here are some of the most beloved Vines, but there are countless others worth watching and discovering while you can:

"Do It For The Vine"

"He hit the sign"

"duck army"

"Not even the Police are safe"

"Damn Daniel" (which technically started on a teen's Snapchat account)

"Psst… what?"

"New item at Del Taco Restaurants guys!! Get yourself some #FRESHAVOCADO before they sell out!!!"

"Colors Of The Wind from Pocahontas on a Harp w/ Maple 'Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?'"

So many people have their own favorite jokes and memes that came from Vine creators, but you can really see how far the platform's come by watching the first Vine: