WATCH: Organic Food Takes on Meaningless ‘All Natural’ Labels in Snarky Ad

pic_two-250x250We’ve covered many-a-story about the controversy surrounding food labeling and the meaninglessness of the “All Natural” claim. Everyone from grassroots organizations and political groups to concerned parents and food bloggers have taken various stands to educate the public on what’s really in their food. Now, the latest group to tackle the weighty subject is organic business.

In a thoroughly amusing The Office-style mockumentary starring Josh Childs, organic food growers slam the falsity of the “All Natural” label and its sinister sibling “100% Natural,” and take a pretty good swipe at the ad industry while they’re at it.

After deftly laying a heavy dose of truth on the audience, the video concludes by shining a ray of hope into the darkness by claiming that while “All Natural” foods might contain GMOs and a host of other synthesized ingredients, “USDA Organic” is the real deal. As the video’s accompanying website states:

“Unlike so-called ‘natural’ foods, organic food is actually held to tough standards, enforced by the USDA. Organic foods must be free of  toxic pesticides, genetically engineered ingredients, hormones and antibiotics to carry the organic seal. In other words, only organic guarantees that food was produced as Mother Nature intended.”

Advertising perfectly disguised as anti-advertising and mixed with a healthy dose of humor? Pretty well-done if you ask us!