Watch HBO’s Full ‘Confirmation’ Trailer

Kerry Washington as Anita Hill.

Not that Kerry Washington needs the help, but the enhanced focus on the Supreme Court, stemming from Justice Scalia’s death and a nascent confirmation battle, makes this an ideal time for HBO to air its fictionalized account of a different confirmation battle, now 25 years old.

HBO’s Confirmation depicts the unusually contentious Supreme Court confirmation hearings that transpired after Anita Hill, played by Washington, accused Clarence Thomas, played by Wendell Pierce, of sexual harassment when Thomas was Hill’s boss at the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.

While we know how those hearings ended, with Thomas being confirmed, his ascent to the bench did not put a period on the matter, and questions about what really happened persist to this day, a conversation the film will likely enhance.

The movie airs April 16 on HBO at 8 p.m.