Wasserman To Become Agent

LA Observed has the press release: He will join Kneerim & Williams, a boutique agency (so boutique-y it’s part of a law firm), as head of its New York office.

Analysis: Makes sense. With the exception of thriller writer Brad Meltzer, Kneerim & Williams focuses on almost-academic, high-toned, non-mass-market books—its most recent high-profile success being Stephen Greenblatt’s Shakespeare study Will In The World. In other words, exactly the kind of material that Wasserman, for better or worse, steered LATBR coverage towards.

So: Steve Wasserman moving to New York. Judith Regan moving here. Not sure that’s a good trade for us.

Publishers Weekly
covers Wasserman’s resignation here—and actually credits a blog (L.A. Observed, of course) with breaking the story.