WashingtonPost.com Changes

A washingtonpost.com insider alerts us to two new things unveiled by washingtonpost.com today…

    First, the face of washingtonpost.com’s politics section will look a lot different. We are introducing a new magazine style design that features one in-depth political story per day, and also presents all of our election and politics content, tools and applications in an user-friendly format that is easy to search and navigate. The will site also provide a new URL, PostPolitics.com, that will quickly takes users directly to the page.

    In addition, with one year to go to Election Day 2008, washingtonpost.com will launch an interactive political advice column by Andres Martinez called “Stumped” tomorrow. Martinez, former editorial page editor of the Los Angeles Times, will answer readers’ questions and resolve their dilemmas about the candidates, the campaign and politics. He can’t — and won’t — tell people how to vote, but the column will rely on readers for its questions.