Washingtonian MOM Celebrates Second Issue With Lots of Champagne

Washingtonian MOM celebrated it’s second issue Wednesday night in which NBC4’s Eun Yang graces the cover. FishbowlDC put on our parenting boots and jumped right into the celebration (we actually don’t have parenting boots, so we wore our Palladium boots instead). Here’s how it went down.

4:45pm – Begin to figure out when is considered “fashionably late” for a 6:30 event thrown by a (Washingtonian) fashion editor (Kate Bennett). Settle on 6:45.

6:34 – Walk into Room & Board, host and venue of the event, 9 minutes ahead of schedule.

6:35 – Bee line for the champers.

6:36 – Realization that I’m flying solo at a mom magazine event.

6:44 – Good (punctual!) crowd. 40 people approximately, including 4 other men, all looking around, likely pondering their attendance.

7:00 – Arrival of cover girl Yang.

7:10 – Anxiety setting in over the thought of having children. This leads to a refill of champers and quick stop by the food table (nice cheese and charcuterie spread by Screwtop).

7:20 – Assessment of the crowd…now about 75 people, including 2 new men. Contemplating starting a men’s focus group of those in attendance.

7:29 – Refill on champers, just in time as…

7:30 – Formality begins with quick remarks by Washingtonian publisher Catherine Merrill Williams.

7:33 – Washintonian MOM editor Kate Bennett thanks crowd for attending. Makes Kevin Madden blush after suggesting he may be among the “Hot Dads” named in the next issue, which will feature Claire Shipman, senior national correspondent for Good Morning America and wife of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, on the cover. Call for suggestions of “Hot Dads” and “Mom Crushes” for next issue (email mom@washingtonian.com).

7:50 – Realization that it’s time to take some group pics. Awkwardly ask groups of strangers if I can get their photo. Contemplating sending some as Snapchats.

8:03 – Observe random guy walking around with book bag. Wonder if he’s in the right place.

8:04 – Nevermind. He’s here with someone. Just got lost in a sea of moms for a second.

8:15 – Finish champagne and depart.

In attendance: SKD’s Kelley McCormick; Julie Heinrich, wife of Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM); Atlantic Media’s Emily Lenzner; 2008 Romney strategist Kevin Madden and Jaclyn Norris Madden; Sarah Wildman; WBJ’s Jennifer Nycz-Conner; Washingtonian Editor and former Fishbowler Garrett Graff; photog Tony Powell; Aba Kwawu; Corcoran’s Rachel Cothran; Kate Hawken; Barbara Martin; Room & Board’s Mark Riddle, Lisa Scroggins, Jennifer Flagg.