Washingtonian Gives Patrick Gavin’s ‘Nerd Prom’ the Thumbs Up

Former FBDCer's WHCD Documentary gets early positive review.

With his new documentary, former FishbowlDC editor and Politico reporter, Patrick Gavin lobbed a grenade at the pageantry that is the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. But after its first review, the film is receiving accolades rather than blowback.

Nerd Prom,” which will debut April 10, was described by Washingtonian Magazine as “surprisingly bad-ass” as it “asks uncomfortable questions” about the pomp of Washington’s big night.

“Familiar with his coverage at Politico, I expected Gavin’s film to be a celebration,” writes Andrew Beaujon, senior editor at Washingtonian. “Instead, it’s a clear-eyed, very funny biopsy for diagnosing what’s wrong with the dinner, which the patient barely survives.”

Gavin also got some love from fellow reporters, who expressed their excitement for the film’s debut on Twitter:

Watch the “Nerd Prom” trailer below.