Washingtonian Author Looks at the ‘Lost Nest Generation’

brookebook.jpgJohn McCaslin this week writes up Washingtonian’s Brooke Lea Foster‘s new book, based on first-person experience, “The Way They Were: Dealing With Your Parents’ Divorce After A Lifetime of Marriage.”

“Most first-time authors are excited for their moms and dads to read their just-completed books. Not Brooke Lea Foster, a staff writer for Washingtonian magazine. ‘I put off giving the book to my parents,’ she tells Inside the Beltway. ‘I finally mailed my mother a copy of the book a few weeks ago. Then I held my breath.’

“‘She e-mailed me and said she read the book three times and each time she cried for a different reason,’ says Miss Foster, who provides readers intimate details of her parents’ divorce and its impact on her as an adult. ‘At first, she felt defensive. By the third time, she was crying for me and how much I went through.'”

“‘We are the lost-nest generation: adult kids who age out of the house only to see our parents decide they’ve grown apart,’ says Miss Foster, a 2005 finalist for the Livingston Award, the highest honor given to a journalist under the age of 35. ‘We go home to new places where we cannot find the silverware. Our nests are dismantled, blown apart by an unexpected gale.'”