WaPo Photog in Hot Water

A photographer for WaPo is in a bit of a messy situation after altering a picture that was slated to win an award.

According to a story written on the National Press Photographers Association website,  The White House News Photographer’s Association announced Monday night that a photograph that had recently won a contest had been disqualified for digital manipulation.

The photographer is Tracy Woodward, who has been at WaPo since 1997. He previously worked at TWT, Army Times, Navy Times and Air Force Times. Woodward is listed in a section of the WaPo website that reads: “Best of the Post.”

When his superiors realized what had happened… they informed the association that the picture had been altered. The story says digital manipulation is a “serious ethics violation” at WaPo. Woodward can expect to face disciplinary action. What that entails is unclear.

What’s curious is specifically how the pictures were altered. To the naked eye, that is not immediately evident. Read the full story see the pictures on the NPPA website here.

We’ve requested comment from Woodward.