Washington Post Scheme To Keep Kids Busy During “Take Your Kid To Work Day” Results In Hilarity

So last week was “Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work” day, which is to say that parents brought their children to cube farms in the hopes of showing them what they had to “look forward to” for 40 years, and after the novelty wore off 15 minutes later, scrambled for something to keep Junior occupied so the parents could get actual work done.

(Yours truly remembers spending a lot of time in the employee break room and being fascinated by the microwaveable popcorn. It didn’t send me hurtling toward a STEM career though.)

Anyway, apparently last week children of Washington Post employees were given an assignment that could only have been cooked up as a distraction scheme: You’re the editor! Make your own version of the paper! The ethics of encouraging 8 year old children to pursue a career in print journalism can be questioned, but what the hell, these are cute newspapers.

The gallery of 20+ front pages can be found here, but we’ve dissected our favorites here and after the jump.

A lot of kids took on real headlines. This one is not just newsy, it includes a visual dispatch from the scene.

What happens when the Post is bought out by sponsors.

This kid scares us.

Pretty prescient. If you’re a reporter from the future.