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Washington Post Interactive Edit Board Project Launched

The Washington Post today launched a new interactive feature that it claims will allow readers “to engage with its editorial board through an online discussion group and a new Letters to the Editor feature.”

“Readers are welcomed to question The Post’s editorial positions and debate individual members of the editorial board in the online discussion group ‘Editorial Judgment,’” a release states. “The feature so far has prompted hundreds of reader contributions and focused on topics ranging from District voting rights to President Obama’s comments about Washington’s weather wimps.”

Also, the letters to the editor section “will periodically select and feature letters they feel offer practicable policy suggestions. Members of The Washington Post editorial board will then investigate and report on the possibility of these ideas in a larger editorial. If after an investigation the editors feel an idea would not work, they will explain why. When they feel a suggestion will be feasible, they will report that and support putting the idea into action.”

“We want to provide our readers with ways to engage and debate with our editorial board,” Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor, said in a statement. “We look forward to receiving feedback from our readers on these two initiatives.”

The new project can be found at: www.washingtonpost.com/opinions.