WaPo’s Apocolypse?

Should the mayor preemptively declare a state of emergency?

Today, WaPo continues the task of getting a new email system. And somehow we think when technological advances are happening at WaPo everyone needs to sit down, take a deep breath and prepare for a category 5 hurricane. Were talking flooding, roof damage, 156 mph winds.

As it was explained to us, it’s a “rolling conversion.” Some people have yet to migrate; others have already made the switch. The old system is the source of “considerable distaste.” As one source put it, “I don’t even use it, and I know I’m hardly the only one (people just forward their stuff to Gmail).”

This tweet from WaPo Book World Editor Ron Charles says it all. He also says to resend all emails because he probably won’t get the one you sent. In addition, he has not yet learned how to login. God help us all.