DNC Chair Attempts to Discredit ‘Conservative’ DC Examiner

It’s unclear who’s punching up or down in this incident, but DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Washington Examiner are in a brawl.

Last night on FNC Wasserman Schultz accused the Examiner of misquoting her and slighted the newspaper as a “conservative” publication.

She was referencing a Tuesday story by Examiner Editorial Page writer Philip Klein. He reported that Wasserman Schultz said during a Jewish outreach session Monday in Charlotte that Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren believes Republican policies are “dangerous for Israel.”

“We know, and I’ve heard no less than Ambassador Michael Oren say this, that what the Republicans are doing is dangerous for Israel,” Klein reported Wasserman Schultz as saying during the session. Oren released a statement after Klein’s report saying he never said that.

“I didn’t say [Oren] said that,” Wasserman Schultz told FNC. “Unfortunately, that comment was reported by a conservative newspaper. Not surprising they would deliberately misquote me,” she said.

There’s no disputing that The Examiner‘s editorial page, for which Klein writes, is conservative. And despite its claims to the contrary, the paper leans right. But that isn’t the point now, is it? To DWS, the insinuation was that being conservative somehow makes a person untrustworthy.

We phoned Wasserman Schultz’s press office for comment.

Klein followed up on the Examiner‘s website last night…

by posting the audio of Wasserman Schultz speaking at the Monday session. Klein said he’s “confident [the audio] demonstrates that I quoted her accurately.” Whatever Wasserman Schultz’ intent was, the audio indicates Klein transcribed her comments accurately.

Klein tells us he hasn’t heard back from Wasserman Schultz on his follow up.

The Daily Mail‘s Toby Hanrden called for the DNC chair to apologize to Klein. “Disgraceful smearing of Klein by Wasserman Schultz,” he said on Twitter, “she owes him a public apology.”

Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard and FNC echoed the sentiment. “Wow, what a disgraceful false attack by Wasserman Schultz on Klein — who quoted her accurately. She should apologize,” he said. And Seth Mandel, assistant editor of the conservative Commentary magazine, tweeted, “After listening to the audio, pretty clear Debbie Wasserman Schultz owes Phil Klein a public apology. New low for her.”