Washington Blade Assets Not Worth Much, But It May Live Again

The assets of Window Media, the LGBT publisher that declared bankruptcy abruptly last year, taking down with it the newspapers it published: Southern Voice, Washington Blade, more, are going to be sold at a fraction of their value, Project Q Atlanta reports.

This is bad news for the creditors owed money by Window Media, but good news for fans of the publications, as in two cases, the bidders trying to buy Window Media’s assets are the former staffers at the paper.

Southern Voice founder Chris Cash and the paper’s editor Laura Douglas-Brown are offering $8,000 for the assets of Southern Voice and David.

Former employees of the Washington Blade are offering $15,000 for the paper’s assets.

A Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based publisher of Hotspots is offering to buy the South Florida Blade and 411 for $3,200.

(H/t Fitz & Jen)

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