Was ‘Variety’ Paid Off to Kill a Bad Movie Review?

Gawker’s John Cook investigates Variety’s decision to spike a bad review of “Iron Cross,” shortly shortly after the paper booked $400,000 in ads to launch an Oscar campaign for the film.

Cook got his hands on this rather incriminating email from Iron Cross director Joshua Newton:

Robert Koehler is in fact not a staff writer for Variety and his views on the film are not shared by anyone else at that publication. One of the top staff journalists had been assigned to do a review after the Oscars campaign, but Koehler took it upon himself to review the film first and managed to sneak it into the publication. You can imagine the absolute embarrassment endured by Variety bearing in mind we have worked with them for months to develop an effective Oscars campaign. If you do a search, this will confirm that Variety have now deleted the article from the database. This is because Koehler’s review was considered sloppy and grossly unfair and that he described the events in the film incorrectly.

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