Was Crack Smoking Mayor Rob Ford’s Apology Good Enough?

Yesterday Toronto Mayor Rob Ford gave the strangest press conference in recent memory, admitting that he had, in fact, smoked crack cocaine on tape “in a drunken stupor” and storming off into his office as if he had more important things to do.

Someone on his team wisely decided that this response wouldn’t quite cut it, so he returned to face the cameras again a few hours later armed with an official statement of apology and surprised more than a few by refusing to resign.

Today some argue that the official follow-up and the decision to stay in office were the best possible responses, given the circumstances—and that Ford might actually come out of it OK!

How so, you ask?

This story is more complicated than Ford’s drug habit and questionable taste in ties. While a 60% majority of Toronto residents think he should resign, his approval rating actually went up five points after the confession, and a political professor even said he could “easily” get re-elected a year from now because no one picked him for his personal charm in the first place.

He’s an “ordinary guy” who might even be less than average in many ways, and we offer this popular GIF as evidence:

Now let’s play a crazy hypothetical game: what would you have advised Rob Ford to do?