Barbara Walters Reveals Her Least Fascinating Interview

“And then there are the interviews you never want to do again.” So segued Barbara Walters last night on The Tonight Show, leading into a realm that sits at the opposite end of what she swears will be her very last Most Fascinating People TV special.

Walters gently revealed to Jimmy Fallon that actor Warren Beatty is the most boring interview she has done, adding that she has told him this and so can talk about it. The Hollywood crown prince, absent from the screen as an actor since Town & Country and still wading in rarefied waters far from social media, has not yet responded.

But if he so chooses, perhaps Beatty can riff on a suggestion to Walters made on a previous show by Fallon and brought back up again last night when she mentioned Beatty. Namely, that the actor-producer consider doing an interview with Walters while the two are sitting across from each other in a bubble bath.

Speaking of Beatty, there’s a spectacular separate mention of the actor in a new Rolling Stone interview with Gerardo Mejía, the one-time first-named rapper who has gone on to many other things since, including a new reality show. From Gerardo’s conversation with news editor Jason Newman:

What’s the most surreal experience you had as a result of “Rico Suave” blowing up?

I remember opening up for Prince in Minneapolis for this big Special Olympics event. That day, I was hanging out with Warren Beatty and he said, “Hey, you want to go to Prince’s afterparty?” So Warren and I went to Prince’s house – the player of all players – and as we walk in, Prince was coming down the stairs. Do you remember the “Billie Jean” video where Michael Jackson is walking and the steps are lighting up? Prince was doing that in his house. That’s the type of entrance that Prince was making. He came down and met me and after that, it was… Well, you know what happens at those types of parties.

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