Warner Brothers Pulls TV Ads, Cancels International Press Activities for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

In the wake of the tragedy that unfolded during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, CO on Friday, Warner Brothers movie studio has acted quickly and respectfully, choosing to cancel much of their marketing for the film, including the remainder of the international press tour and many television ads.

As FishbowlLA reported, the Paris press conference and evening red carpet premiere, which had been scheduled for last Friday, were canceled, as were premieres and press junkets in Mexico City and Tokyo, which had been scheduled for this week. The studio also refrained from sharing TDKR box office numbers for the film’s opening weekend.

Additionally, according to AdAge, Warner Brothers has contacted a number of broadcast and cable networks and TV stations, including NBC, CBS, and ESPN, asking them to take the ads for The Dark Knight Rises off the air. Some networks have reportedly also been pulling the ads of their own volition.

The need for the focus to remain on this tragedy’s impact on human lives — rather than the impact on box office numbers, studio profits, etc. — cannot be overstated, and Warner Brothers has acted accordingly, handling this tremendously difficult situation tactfully and responsibly.

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