Hipster Eyeglass Vendor Pit Stops In D.C.

Those hipster, non-prescription eyeglasses Clark Kent wears when he’s working at The Daily Planet are probably from Warby Parker. But don’t call them “hipster.”

Despite the eyeglass frame vendor drawing an almost exclusively hipster-esque crowd at the Warehouse Theater last night, Neil Blumenthal, co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, won’t use “hipster” to describe his product. He calls the frames “vintage-inspired” for the “socially-conscious.”

Blumenthal told FishbowlDC he helped start the company because he was “frustrated” going into eyeglass shops and walking out with nothing. “Why do eyeglasses cost more than an iPhone?” he said. The idea: Cut out the retail middle man and sell straight to the customer online. While fashionable eyeglass frames can cost between $200 and $500, Warby Parker’s frames are all $95.

The vendor is on a nine-city “class trip” bus tour, featuring a renovated school bus made to look like the inside of a college professor’s office.

At the event we ran into Thrillist‘s D.C. editor Leo Schmid. He doesn’t wear glasses so we can only assume he was there for the free drinks… Schmid described the bus tour as “cool” and “different.” Asked how things are going at Thrillist, he said he “can’t think of anything interesting to report.” Yawn.

The Passenger bar provided the drinks, limited to their original Rum Punch, Gin Cider Punch and Mulled Wine Punch. They also served a local beer but we were too mesmerized by the rum and gin to catch what it was.

As for the food, some kind of olive kabob (we think that was an olive) and beef jerky.

Other things we saw:

We found Carmen Sandiego…

And a pair of form-cutting blue pants we’ve been searching for: