War At The Free Newspaper: Metro Faces A $$ Lawsuit

New York metroApparently things still aren’t right at free daily Metro. Daniel Magnus, the newspaper’s former publisher, claims he’s being forced to go to court for his severance pay.

According to Magnus, Metro International refuses to live up to wording in his contract that requires six months notice and six months severance in event of termination. But it gets better… the New York Post claims Metro tried to get him to illegally sign documents:

Magnus insists he was pressured to backdate and falsely sign [a] document and that his refusal to do so soured the relationship with the Metro brass. He is seeking to collect back wages of $218,000 plus a 25 percent penalty charge, according to the court papers. On top of that, he is also seeking total damages of $117.5 million.

Also, if you ever wondered how much the publisher of a free daily makes, Magnus was paid a base salary of $300,000 a year.