WaPo’s New Feature Has Newsroom in Uproar

Twin turbo (the engine, of course)

WaPo‘s editorial staff is anguished and angry over a new feature called “Post Now Video Cast” that the publication is touting. In it, Anqoinette Crosby anchors a newscast.

“Almost everyone thinks it sucks. It’s an absolute embarrassment. My God, have you seen her twin turbos? The dancing bears are rolling in their graves,” an inside source told FishbowlDC. Sources say the premier episode is a source of “teeth gnashing” in the newsroom and referred to the newscaster as “the chick with the boobs.”

Other complaints: 1) The set is not even WaPo‘s newsroom. 2) The video screen is weirdly placed – a source suggested that Crosby’s arm (and perhaps her ample chest) block it. 3) The pacing is odd.

Each day, Crosby (a.k.a. “AQ”) will report on a variety of news multiple times a day. Yesterday was the ice (hailed widely as a “piece of crap”). Today it’s the Chinese prez visiting the White House and AQ breaking it down. Though not as dominant as Day 1, the “girls” are on display and AQ is sporting tall, leather black boots.

Crosby’s experience? She hosted that infamous “Dancing Bears” video which got categorically slammed by WaPo‘s own Ombudman Andy Alexander. She’s a car enthusiast. She worked as a consumer reporter for MotorWeek and her website says she has “enjoyed some of the greatest adventures driving some of the fastest, hottest cars on the planet.” Her website calls her an “international, award-winning journalist.”

If inside reviews are scathing, outside remarks are damning. WCP “Loose Lips” Columnist Alan Suderman writes, “WaPo, I love you, but you’re killing me with this garbage. Like a car wreck, I can’t not look.” And WCP‘s Real Estate reporter Lydia DePillis adds, “This actually makes me want to cry.”