WaPo’s Presidential Podcast Passes the 1 Million Download Mark on iTunes

Yay for history.

When Washington Post’s Lillian Cunningham debuted her Presidential podcast in January, we were curious to see how much appetite there would be for a project that focused on the sense and scope of presidential history at a time in which the media and the public was engorging itself on Trump coverage.

Twelve episodes in, Presidential has been downloaded more than 1 million times on iTunes.

“Exceeding more than 1 million downloads so soon after our launch shows how much interest there is in the history of the American presidency and in exploring what has made certain leaders more or less effective in the White House—especially in light of this year’s heated election,” said Cunningham in a statement.

“I’m particularly excited that our listeners have shown such enthusiasm even before we’re anywhere near releasing our episodes on 20th-century presidents,” she continued.

The episodes are in chronological order, and each focus on one president, so the latest episode has taken its audience to the mid-nineteenth century presidency of Zachary Taylor, whose death in office comes a decade before the start of the Civil War.