WaPo’s Heil At Helm of Gossip Beat

It’s a natural fit.

Before going to work for WaPo on Al Kamen’s “In the Loop” column, Emily Heil worked at Roll Call where she covered features as well as wrote HOH, the publication’s Capitol Hill gossip column. Before that, she covered the gossip beat for The Hill with a column that no longer exists called “Under the Dome.” 

And now that Amy Argetsinger is pregnant and moving on to a more family friendly beat, Heil is sliding into gossip once again as she replaces Argetsinger at “Reliable Sources.”

Rest assured, with Heil soon at the helm, things are bound to improve. It’s WaPo — so they won’t let her take that many risks — but up is the only direction things can go.

See the internal memo sent around by WaPo‘s Jen Crandell. Subject: Staff News: Emily Heil to the Reliable Source

We are delighted to announce that Emily Heil will be bringing her formidable talent, energy and creativity to Style as the newest member of the Reliable Source.

Emily, who will team with Roxanne Roberts now that Amy Argetsinger has returned to feature writing, has been a prized colleague since she joined the In the Loop operation in 2011, helping to write the column with Al Kamen and launching the Loop’s blog. She was instrumental in the creation of a popular Loop feature called “Background Check” that poses quirky questions to public officials (CFPB Director Richard Cordray told the Loop he is a pub-trivia fiend; Export-Import Bank prez Fred Hochberg admitted he is terrified of his personal trainer). She also created contests for Loop readers, including the popular “You Are So ‘This Town’ If…” (which invited readers to describe the defining characteristics of official Washington’s denizens).

In addition to covering the appointment of the second-term Cabinet, Emily illuminated the wacky doings in the far-flung corners of government —  the 16-year-old can of soup discovered in an EPA refrigerator, the monkeys at the U.S. embassy in Sri Lanka, the kittens given to Gitmo prisoners.

Emily came to the Post after writing congressional gossip columns for Roll Call (“Heard on the Hill”) and The Hill (“Under the Dome”). Before that she covered Congress for National Journal and BNA.

A native of Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Emily got her journalism start at the age of 16 at the Eastern Shore News. She attended UVA and now lives on Capitol Hill with her journalist husband Eric Hoover, two cats, and an extensive shoe collection.

Please join us in congratulating Emily as she embarks on this new adventure.

Frances and Eva