WaPo’s Brauchli Expresses ‘Awe’ For Own Reporters

WaPo‘s Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli is really buttering up his staff today. He sent out this note of thanks to them for their national debt coverage. He also took a moment to slam the competition, saying WaPo “stood smartly above our competition…day in and day out, even minute to minute.”

See the memo…

Colleagues, just a quick note to express our thanks and awe to the team
that produced the extraordinary coverage of the national-debt showdown
these last few weeks. The Post stood smartly above our competition on this
story, day in and day out, even minute to minute. So many people were
involved, it’s impossible to fairly single out anyone. But it was a
remarkable effort by the team of reporters covering Capitol Hill; our
columnists and bloggers; the graphics and presentation teams; the
coverage-group editors; the universal desk and producers across the room;
and the copy desk, among many others. Thanks to all for demonstrating why
The Post remains the essential source of news in this town–and for anyone
who cares about the great issues and debates of our time.

Marcus                  Liz                     Raju

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