WaPo, Sun Show They Can Get Along

In a world of rapidly shrinking newsrooms, the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun think they’ve found a solution: sharing content.

The two companies reached an agreement that will allow articles — primarily those about Maryland and sports — to be printed in both papers.

Robert J. McCartney, the Post‘s assistant managing editor for Metro news, explains how it will work:

“So, if a story broke on Eastern Shore or in Western Maryland, then we’d talk with the Sun and figure out who was in a better position to send a reporter, and both papers would use that reporter’s story. Of course, both papers can send their own reporters if they choose.”

While the solution might leave some people cold, it’s actually a very practical step if newspapers want to survive. Cost cutting needs to come from somewhere, and sending a reporter from each paper to cover a relatively minor story is a waste of money. The deal won’t save the industry, but it’s a proactive step in the right direction.

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