WaPo Screws Over Top Tomato Winners

WaPo is hanging off the vine these days. First the buyouts, exploiting summer interns (you know who you are) and now they’re giving their top tomato recipe award winners the shaft. Yeah, that’s right. Their top tomato winners have not received the oven mitts owed to them for being at the top of their crop.

My God, WaPo, it’s not like they want to spend long lazy afternoons surfing a site that could crash their smartphones, they want their stinking oven mitts.

On April 4 during a live food discussion, a top tomato winner inquired about the mitts. Their excuse? “Printing issues.” And another promise was made: The mitts will be delivered before the next contest rolls around. Oh, really, is that so?

Then this appeared in the Food section on Wednesday: “The Food section’s annual Top Tomato recipe contest is now accepting entries. Recipes must be original (honor system here, folks), must come from home cooks (chefs, put down your knives) and must have no more than 10 ingredients (including salt and pepper). You may enter as many as five recipes.”

Oh the outrage. Really, honor system? Interesting choice of words. Here’s an idea: How about forking over those oven mitts before more recipe winners start rolling in?

We requested comment from WaPo.

UPDATE: Spokeswoman Kris Coratti wrote back to say that the situation was being assessed. “They are working on it and Bonnie is going to reach out to everyone with an update soon,” she wrote.