WaPo Reporter Poses Q’s Via the Philippines

WaPo‘s Wealth, Class & Income Reporter Annie Gowen recently posed questions to colleagues about the cost of WaPo‘s iPad in an office-wide email. Note to Gowen: In the future, profanity would do your email a world of wonders.

“Does anybody know if you subscribe to the print edition of the newspaper, as I do, do you then automatically qualify to get the Post’s iPad app for free? My telephone call posing as a real consumer to our circulation desk — now located in the Philippines [perhaps inside the above dream house?] — to ask this question provided no clarity. And if not, why??” Update: A note from Gowen: “What prompted that AllNews question was that when I was reporting in Baghdad for the Post earlier this month,  my iPad Post application worked up until a certain point, then shut down and asked me to pay a fee. Apparently this was a glitch in the system, I was informed later.”

WaPo‘s Julia Beizer offered this reply:

At the risk of incurring the wrath of NewsIt, I’m going all-newsroom with this one just in case anyone else has questions! 1) The Post’s iPad app is free for all until our v2 comes out (date tbd), so you won’t need to pay a cent. 2) Sounds like the folks in the Philippines could use a refresher on this info, so I’ll reach out to Customer Service to make sure their contractors are up to date.

Annie, if you have additional questions about the iPad app and future plans there, I’m your gal. Happy to chat at any time.


WaPo Publicist Jennifer Lee confirms Beizer’s response, telling FBDC via email “The Washington Post’s iPad app is free for everyone until our new version comes out. When we set a date, we will let you know.”