WaPo Proofer Asleep at the Wheel

WaPo had this recent gargantuan correction that contained four errors. Maybe Steamed Brauchli will ask former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to start givin’ tutorials. We hear she’s a whiz at the five w’s of journalism: Who, What, Why, When and Where.

“An Aug. 14 Sunday Style article about Sunday-morning television news programs contained several errors. ‘Meet the Press’ moderator David Gregory is 40, not 41. Gregory began taping a midweek interview for online distribution in April, not July. ‘Meet the Press’ will hold an online debate in cooperation with Facebook two days before next year’s New Hampshire primary, not a week before. And a quotation about how the presidential campaign could help the ratings of ‘Fox News Click for Enhanced Coverage Linking SearchesSunday’ was misattributed. It was Executive Producer Marty Ryan, not moderator Chris Wallace, who said: ‘It doesn’t hurt us that it is a Republican race. This is a good thing for us.'”

See the corrected version of the story here.