WaPo Loses Homepage Producer to NPR

WaPo‘s Eric Athas is taking his digital skills and moving them to NPR. WaPo management is “sad to announce” the news. He’ll be relocating to Boston, where he has family. His new title: Digital News Specialist.

See the internal memo…it’s not a snoozer, actually.

We are sad to announce that Eric Athas will be taking a position with NPR
as a Digital News Specialist, working with public broadcasting stations
throughout the country to develop their local online news strategies. He’ll
be based at NPR Digital Services in Boston, where his family lives.

Over the past three years, Eric has worked on some of the newsroom’s
biggest stories as a homepage producer and more recently as a mobile
editor. During news events such as the Obama inauguration, Snowmageddon,
the Haiti earthquake, the Tucson shooting and Osama Bin Laden, he has kept
his cool and kept the homepage smart and competitive.  What distinguished
Eric was his understanding of the need to quickly reach readers on all
different levels. He would quickly produce stories, send e-mail news
alerts, post stories to Facebook and Twitter, create blog posts that
aggregated social streams and even do his own reporting. He was one of the
first to report on the Lululemon story as well as get video from the scene
with his iPhone.

He is a true digital journalist and will be missed. His last day will be
later this month.

Cory              Sandy