WaPo In Search of Pats on Back

WaPo has gone fishing– for compliments.

The paper is asking readers “to vote on your favorite” original Post content in not one, not two, but six separate categories in a new survey. Actually it’s seven categories; “graphics” and “motion graphics” have conveniently been separated so they can get an extra compliment.

We only have one favorite and it’s under the “social and engagement” category: squirrel week.

Wait, nevermind! That link doesn’t work. Tricked us! Unfortunately, there’s nowhere in the survey to vote for “worst WashingtonPost.com feature.” We would all too readily select “The whole stupid site.”

But just because they didn’t include that poll doesn’t mean we can’t. Here you go:

UPDATE: The “squirrel week” link began working shortly after this post was published.