WaPo Brings in Blymire to Recap ‘Top Chef’

Wednesday night, Bravo’s “Top Chef”came back for a brand new season. This year, there will actually be some DC-based chefs competing, so we are watching with particular interest.

While it’s always fun to watch the show, we love getting the snarky breakdown the morning after. This year, WaPo is bringing back Carol Blymire to recap each episode. Blymire has done similar recaps for WaPo and Washingtonian in the past.

We talked to Blymire to get insight on the show and what to expect from her this season…Taking a look at the contestants, Blymire tells us, “Last season was all about the mean girls, and this season looks like a sausage fest.  Lots of testosterone and smack-talking.  Belga Cafe’s Bart Vandaele is a really good, solid chef. But history shows us the best chefs don’t always win. Dallas’ John Tesar is one to watch — big personality, and the cooking chops to back it up.  Two really talented women to watch:  Chrissy Camba and Kristen Kesh.”

Readers can see her recaps every Thursday morning during the season. Check out her first report here.