WaPo Announces Election Night Plans

“The Post’s political team will go behind Tuesday night’s results in the races for the White House, Congress and the nation’s statehouses, providing in-depth reporting and analysis on where the country stands after Election 2008.”

So says the Washington Post which has detailed its Election Night coverage.

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From the release:

    washingtonpost.com will feature live Election Night video coverage, live photo galleries, live discussions, the TimeSpace feature we launched yesterday, user-generated coverage from voting stations around the nation, and much more.

    The Post’s political team will go behind Tuesday night’s results in the races for the White House, Congress and the nation’s statehouses, providing in-depth reporting and analysis on where the country stands after Election 2008. Our correspondents, anchored by veteran political reporter Dan Balz, will report from Washington and around the nation on the history-making contest between Barack Obama and John McCain and tell us where the victor will lead the country beginning in January…

    Special features include:


    * Live Video Coverage–The Washington Post and Newsweek’s political teams will anchor live election results of the presidential and state races on Election Day , beginning when the polls close at 6 pm ET Until after the presidential race has been decided. Chris Cillizza, Jon Meacham, Dana Priest, Lois Romano, Marc Fisher among others will host the program., Len Downie, Dan Balz, Sally Quinn, Shailagh Murray, Jonathan Capehart, E.J. Dionne, Dana Milbank, Jon Cohen, Daniel Klaidman, Richard Wolff, Jonathan Alter and others will provide in-depth analysis throughout the night. Guest will include two of the top Governors from battleground states: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano. Political veterans including Democratic Chairman Howard Dean, GOP election lawyer Ben Ginsberg, former Bush White House deputy Tim Griffin and DNC spokesperson Karen Finney will contribute insider perspectives.

    * Live Photo Galleries–Washington Post reporters embedded with the John McCain and Barack Obama and local Virginia and Maryland Senate candidates will provide regularly updated images throughout the day of their reactions and the reactions of voters to news.

    * Washington Sketch–Dana Milbank on the ground with the McCain campaign in Phoenix , will sketch responses to the exit polls and election-day news. In addition clips from sketches throughout the election will be compiled into a finale piece.


    * TimeSpace Election–A presidential election map and timeline using cutting-edge technology to bring all of the site’s coverage (including partner content) onto one, easy-to-navigate page.

    * Vote Monitor–Users can post reports about their experiences at voting booths across the nation, highlighting problems that arise. This on-the-ground user coverage will appear on a map depicting potential hot-spot areas. A blog will host related news stories from the Post and other sites.

    * Live Discussion Series–On Election Night, readers can ask questions and talk with the Post’s political reporters and columnists including Bob Kaiser and Marc Fisher, addition to Tom Baxter of Southern Political Report, Robert Struckman of New West and Mark Blumenthal of Pollster.com. Tucker Carlson and Ana Marie Cox will provide analysis the following day. Users will also be able to interact with guests during the election night video show through a live discussion platform below the video screen.

    * Crystal Ball–Readers can try to beat the pundits in predicting who will win the White House and Congress.

    -Political Landscape 2008 Map– Full state-by-state coverage of presidential, senatorial and gubernatorial races, including electoral counts, candidate profiles, past election results, demographics, campaign ads and the latest headlines.


    * The Fix–Chris Cillizza will provide regular analysis of the final developments in the presidential and state races. He will post voting returns on Election Day, plus updates through Twitter.

    * The Trail–A daily diary of campaign 2008 will have continuous news and updates from the Post’s political team embedded with the campaigns and in battleground states around the nation.

    * Behind the Numbers–Analysis of the daily Washington Post/ABC News tracking polls, providing insights into trends that could foreshadow election results.

    * PostPartisan–The Post’s opinion writers offer quick takes on the campaigns’ final moments and the Election Day results.


    * Mobile Devices–Political coverage is available on http://mobile.twp.com across all mobile internet enable phones, including an optimized easy-to-read design on the iPhone. Full election results will be available for users.

    * Amazon Kindle–Kindle users can receive a free one-day subscription to The Washington Post during the final week of the election, in addition to continuous updates from Chris Cillizza’s popular blog The Fix and the daily diary from The Trail.

    * Campaign Tracker–Windows mobile users can follow our most popular campaign blogs, including The Trail, The Fix, The Sleuth and Fact Checker.

    * Text Alerts–Provide breaking election news alerts on results and stories that are posted to washingtonpost.com.


    * Widgets–Users can add their favorite washingtonpost.com political blogs to their own sites.

    * MyWebPost–Users surfing other sites can view related washingtonpost.com articles displayed in a page overlay.