WaPo and Mic Are ‘Cross-pollinating’ Each Other’s Newsletters

Newsletters+2016+millennials = bank.

It was an idea that Mic approached The Washington Post with, a mutual crossover into each other’s newsletters.

On The Washington Post side, it would be Mic writers contributing to WaPo political newsletter 5-Minute Fix. On Mic’s side, it would be the Post writing about the campaign for MicCheck Daily.

This is the finalized version of the 2016 campaign-focused newsletter partnership announced this week, a marriage of WaPo political expertise and Mic’s millennial-market reach.

“Mic has a young, dedicated audience that is interested in the politics and substance of the presidential campaign, both of which we cover more aggressively than anyone in the country,” Washington Post senior politics editor Steven Ginsberg tells FishbowlDC. “So sharing our collective work with our respective audiences just made a lot of sense.”

The “cross-pollination” as a Post press release puts it, will happen every Wednesday and will be the first thing readers see when they open up those newsletters.

“Like with all of our partnerships, our goal is to have more people see what we do, while bringing new ideas and issues to our readers. So far, that’s what’s been happening with Mic, and we expect it will only get better,” Ginsberg tells us.

As far as partnerships go, it’s one that hits a lot of sweet spots: the newsletter, the humblest member of the current media darling troika that includes podcasts and video; the millennial, a problematic term, but also a target audience that garners Mic tens of millions of monthly visitors; and of course, this election, a ride that’s been good for many, however it will end.