Wanted: “No Bullshit Job Opportunity”

An unemployed sales pro put this ad on Craigslist:

Coffee is for Closers!

Personnel/Sales Manager to offer NO BULLSHIT job opportunity. No smoke and mirrors. No false claims and promises for “motivated team players”. No inflated salary outlook for “go-getters” that never pay off. Give it to me straight. Don’t think I’ll be in the six-figure range in the next two years, regardless of my toil? Tell me! I’ve lowered my pay standards but certainly not the value I can bring to your company. Have something to sell? Give me something to believe in and I will blow so much sunshine on your product that it will be seen from space. True professional prepared to offer real, honest-to-goodness foot to the pavement effort to the right company. Serious inquiries will get my resume in response.

The author of the ad is apparently named Autumn, and she was sick of seeing the same ads on the job boards, and sick of being unemployed (eleven months and counting). Shortly after posting, she got a job offer:

“The position that I took offered a lot of flexibility and perks (car, blackberry, laptop, etc.) and though it is with a small business, it’s partnered with powerhouse companies that everyone has heard of. Plus, it is in a green industry, which gives me a personal sense of satisfaction.”

Talk about nontraditional.

(via Career Enlightenment)