Want to Play Guitar at Work? Join The ‘League of Rock’

guitarSure, we know Deloitte isn’t exactly a media company but what they’re doing is quite intriguing.

Per a piece on Forbes, in Toronto their professionals are practicing guitar solos for performances in front of thousands of fellow CPAs!  Think of it like a sports league except replace bowling balls and softball bats with instruments.

The League of Rock takes care of the employees’ facilities to practice, professional musicians to coach the players, equipment and a social media campaign to promote their shows. At the conclusion of the 10-week program, bands convene to play a concert together. Fans vote for their favorite bands by making contributions to United Way. Their winning band goes onto compete against bands from the other Big 4 firms to raise even more money for United Way. The total Deloitte has raised in the past four years by jammin’? $100,000.
Essentially, the league co-founder Terry Moshenberg, concocted the idea when he watched empty nesters returning to their basements to play air guitar. Per the piece, he pointed out they were able to pursue “some creative outlets that they probably shoved under the couch for their kids.”

Thus, the corporate rock league was born to get employees to make music and perform in front of audiences.