Want to Be a Talking Head? Make Sure Your Tree Falls the Loudest

Our fellow FishbowlDC denizen Patrick Gavin has penned a piece for Politics magazine about how one might go about “busting through the chattering masses” in order to make oneself, or one’s work known, i.e., how do you get on TV? Actually, it’s not all that complicated. Step one: Make some noise. “Should your tree fall in the woods, you had better make sure that someone hears it.” Step two: Start a blog (seriously), and then, you know, make some more noise by linking to the big fish. Also, be friendly, but not too friendly, no one wants to make friends with a “media whore.” Says National Journal Hotline’s Nora McAlvanah

It’s okay to be a pimp: You’re just getting your best product out there in the hands of people who want it. A whore, however, is un-picky and doesn’t discriminate. And when you’re on the receiving end of someone like that, who isn’t a bit more selective in their pitches, it can come off as pushy and unwanted.
A widely agreed upon theory, apparently. Also, hit up some unusual suspects; former FishbowlNY’er Dylan Stableford once got linked by none other than Perez Hilton just by sending him a link to a piece about quarterly magazine advertising figures. Who knew! Anyway, after all this, buy someone a coffee or a drink or something and then be reliable and flexible and wham, bam, you too could be a talking head. As a side note, we think FishbowlDC has a nice cable television sort of ring to it.