Want to Party With Tinder? Swipe Right on Its Sponsored Post

Marketing gives a plug to its paid service

Tinder may be coy about its advertising plans for brands, but it certainly is playing with lots of sponsored posts lately as it gears up for a bigger monetization push.

The dating app is promoting a launch party in California next month for its paid Tinder Plus service with promos that pop up as users scroll through dating profiles. "Swiping right" on the ad enters people to win two plane tickets, a free Tinder Plus subscription and tickets to a party on June 17 in Santa Monica, Calif., celebrating the launch of the subscription-based plan.

The event is sponsored by Orbit gum, which is splashed across Tinder's post. A rep from the dating app confirmed that it is an event for Tinder.

Interestingly, there isn't a way for people to sign up for Tinder Plus—it costs about $400 for a one-year membership—through the promoted message. Subscriptions are still new for Tinder, which rolled the service out in March, but it opens up a new revenue stream that other dating apps like Match and eHarmony rely on to make money.

A number of brands and entertainers recently have set up fake profiles as marketing stunts on the dating app. A couple of weeks ago, 20th Century Fox launched a campaign for the summer movie Spy that let people look at the film's four main characters. Then last week, electronic music artist Zedd pushed out a discount on his new album to Tinder users.