Wanna Join “Us”?

A job posting on Craig’s List caught our eye this morning:

Us Weekly West Coast News Editor/LA Bureau Chief will manage the daily celebrity news operation in its LA Office. Must have a minimum of 5 years of related experience as a Reporter- gathering news and information on celebrities and experience overseeing the staff and operations at a magazine or a newspaper. This position will report directly to the Editor-in-Chief and West Coast Executive Editor.

West Coast Exec Editor Ken Baker tells FBLA that the magazine is “hiring adults,” which disqualifies us.

When asked if the job posting is a result of departures or a move to expand, Baker said, enthusiastically, “Expanding for world domination!”

(A note to whomever gets the job: When you do dominate the world, remember who told you about the job opening and set aside two palm trees and a hammock for us, will ya?)