Wanna Be An Answer Vixen? No, We Didn’t Think So


If you’ve got a hankering to give strangers your advice, and you don’t need to eat–E. Jean is looking for you:

I am offering two internships with AskEJean.com.

Kumquat rhymes with something, but we digress. Reading on, one learns that as an E. Jean intern, writing is called for, but not the advice kind, but rather the boring kind:

you WILL be expected to writee-mails, press releases, and marketing bullhockey.

And for 7 to 10 hours a week, $6.50 an hour will be yours. But first, pass the test:

You will be chosen on merit—not who you know, or what schools you went to.
Please answer any three questions on Advice Vixens.
The Categories are: The Male Beast, Career, Beauty, Money, Diet, Sex, Family, Friends, and Happiness.

FBLA entered and answered some questions. See if you can guess which ones are from us.