Wait, Cities That Aren’t New York Change Too???

Yesterday we alerted you to the marvelous fact that over time, cities change. Old buildings get torn down, new ones get put up, streets are razed, highways constructed. We could have just been called out for our greatest-city-in-the-world centrism (suck it, Tokyo!) but a friendly reader pointed us in the internet direction of a similar project, this time about a small Georgia town. The–gross word!–brainchild of Atlanta resident Greg Germani, the Atlanta Time Machine is a series of photographs the legwork-loving Germani took, Levere’s Berenice-hearting-style. Germani’s project seems to take a lot more legwork than Levere’s as it requires that he spend time in a library. We hear they had one of those at our school but we tended to be spend our time on “artier” pursuits. So we have a whole truckload of respect for this guy. In terms of comparing the two, it’s the same shtick, different execution. We’re feeling Levere’s a little more in terms of straight art, but that Time Machine is still pretty sweet in a socio-architecturo-historico way. So that’s what puts the hot in Hotlanta.