Wack-o Jack-o really back-o? Only if you’re smoking crack-o

Reuters just moved a story announcing Michael Jackson has signed

“with a record label in Bahrain to record a new album set for release next year, the label said on Tuesday. A statement released on behalf of Two Seas Records said British music industry executive Guy Holmes had been named CEO of a newly formed joint venture between Jackson and Bahrain royal family member Abdulla Hamad Al-Khalifa.


Sure. This will happen. The same way Jackson became a big-time film producer. Oh, don’t you recallFebruary 2002? A surreal evening spent with Jackson and producer Raju Sharad Patel yielded the announcement in Variety that Neverland Entertainment had been formed, and that Jackson had invested between $15 million and $20 million in Mark Damon‘s MDP Worldwide, which is a production, international sales and distribution company.

You gotta love the guy – he no sooner cleans up a mess or two, than does he makes a fresh one.

At that 2002 evening soiree, Jackson said, “I promise you wonderful and fantastical things to come. I promise you wonderful entertainment.”

In this respect, Michael didn’t fail to deliver. Anything Jackson claims to be doing these days is always supremely entertaining, precisely because it’s fantasy.