Waas on Woodward Leaks

woowdwardbook.jpgMurray Waas writes, on his personal blog today that the latest imbroglio to trap Bob Woodward is a letter from Senator Jay Rockefeller charging that the Bush administration selectively leaked classified information to Woodward.

At issue is Woodward’s 2002 book, Bush at War, and the, in Rockefeller’s words, “unfettered access to classified material of the most sensitive nature” Woodward was granted by the adminsitration: “According to his account, he was provided information related to sources and methods, extremely sensitive covert actions, and foreign intelligence liaison relationships.”

One source tells Waas: “This was something that the White House wanted done because they considered it good public relations. If there was real damage to national security–if there were leaks that possibly exposed sources and methods, it was not done in this instance for the public good or to expose Watergate type wrongdoing. This was done for presidential image-making and a commercial enterprise–Woodward’s book.”

Waas was recently hired by National Journal but he chose to break this story on his own blog–was National Journal not aware of it or did they pass on it for some reason?

In asking whether Woodward rewarded Bush for his administration’s support during the book, Waas pulls together some of the entries from Woodward’s latest index:
Here are some entries:

Bush, George W.: absence of doubt in, 139-40, 420

Bipartisan solidarity of, 189, 200.
Importance of showing resolve and, 81, 116, 152, 320-21, 406, 418-19, 437
legacy of, 90, 165
morality of, 86-132, 272, 313-14
on freedom, 88-89, 93, 152, 258, 276, 405, 424, 428
optimism of, 91, 93, 313-14
patience of, 162-63, 165, 271
as a strong leader, 91, 430

As Waas says, “We blog, you decide.”