Waas Is The New Woodward

It’s official: Murray Waas is the new black. Bob Woodward is out like wing-tipped shoes. Jay Rosen at PressThink picks up the thread that Dan Froomkin has been pushing for a few weeks now, that Waas is writing the hottest stuff on the hottest story in Washington:

“Not only is Woodward not in the hunt, but he is slowly turning into the hunted. Part of what remains to be uncovered is how Woodward was played by the Bush team, and what they thought they were doing by leaking to him, as well as what he did with the dubious information he got,” Rosen writes.

Waas is “Woodward Now”: “By Woodward Now I mean the reporter who is actually doing what Woodward has a reputation for doing: finding, tracking, breaking into reportable parts–and then publishing–the biggest story in town. He’s also putting those parts together for us.”

Waas, like many other of the most tenacious journalists in the city, came out of Jack Anderson‘s shop. As Rosen explains, “Waas told us something about his own approach. ‘The public has pushed back against insider, access journalism– whether practiced by Bob Woodward, Judith Miller, or Robert Novak,’ he wrote. ‘Anderson always understood it was his role to be an outsider, not just in regard to the politicians he covered, but also vis-a-vis the established order of journalism.'”

Now Rosen says that Woodward could get back in the game–it all depends on whether he actually has revelations in his new book later this year. Until then, stay tuned to Waas.