VP Hopeful Paul Ryan Acquires a New Enemy: It’s Miller Time, Or is it?

On the heels of all the professional and armchair critics of VP hopeful Paul Ryan speech last night comes one more — the great granddaughter of the founder of the Miller Brewing Company, who finds it insulting that Ryan thinks Miller flows through his veins.

Speaking recently in the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha, Ryan told the crowd: “My veins run with cheese, bratwurst, and a little Spotted Cow, Leine’s, and some Miller.”

Milwaukee resident Paula John begs to differ with the powerful pol.

“Paul Ryan doesn’t have a drop of Miller beer in his veins,” John told FishbowlDC. “If he did, his policies would show respect for women’s intelligence to make decisions for themselves as well as compassion toward the poor, because that is the Miller family legacy.”

Frederick Miller, founder of Miller Brewing Company, was John’s great grandfather.  Her father, Harry John, Jr., was his grandson. Her father’s mother, Elise Miller, was Fred’s youngest daughter. She married Harry John, Sr., thus taking his name.

By the way, her family did not inherit any money from the Brewery.  Before he was married, John’s father donated his shares of the Brewery – 47 percent – to a charitable foundation, which he founded and ran for many years with her mother.