Vox.com and Morning Consult Join Forces on New Polling Project

First up: name the candidate flash cards.

Before you go into elections-related existential crisis mode, we’d like to inform you that Vox.com and Morning Consult’s new partnership on a polling project is not of the type that surveys participants on their choice for president and then presents us with the percentage of Americans who’d like to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Instead, what the weekly series intends to do, drawing on Vox’s explainer DNA and Morning Consult’s intelligence gathering capabilities, is tell the stories that lurk underneath the data from weekly polls conducted by the two publications. Questions on politics and pop culture are both fair game.

For its debut piece, Vox and Morning Consult had participants play name that candidate, asking respondents to identify candidates from their photos. Most recognizable? Hillary Clinton, followed closely by Donald Trump, who both beat the number three most popular face on the list: George Clooney. And no, Clooney is not running for president; he was there for comparative purposes only.